Micro windmill for your cell phone

NV Satyanarayana of India has just invented a mobile phone charger that does not need to be plugged in an electric outlet. Just snap it to your car window and catch some power.

The Micro Windmill mobile charger, as its name suggests, is powered by a breeze. The science graduate’s creation is also very portable, with its blades measuring only 10 centimeters. It charges or brings power on the mobile phone through a small generator embedded on the unit. An output wire should then be used to link the windmill charger to the mobile phone in order to charge the latter.

Average windmill efficiency is at 35%. This is considerably higher than the 5% to 15% efficiency solar units are known to have.

Carrying the windmill charger around is very easy. The unit is very light and compact, and can easily be placed inside bags. Its parts are likewise durable and can withstand the elements while being operated. This makes the Micro Windmill mobile charger the ideal device for charging your cell phone outdoors.

The Micro Windmill is not limited to just mobile phones. It could also charge a number of handheld devices including MP3 players, videogames, and notebook batteries. However, do note that it is still in development and is not yet for sale.

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