Audi’s A4 gets a boost

Audi’s A4 gets a boost


image_40429_largeimagefile Audi’s A4 gets a boostLooks like Audi’s entry level sedan and wagons are about to get a huge jump in horsepower. Volkswagen’s turbodiesel cars – like the Jetta TDI – are already well known, but now the company is about to shove a 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel engine under the hood of its A4.

This will certainly get your juices going, because this engine is said to put out an impressive 178 horsepower. But that’s not all. Much more impressive is the incredible 280 lbs-ft of torque you’ll be able to rev out of this thing, and it seems that “umph” is spread quite well throughout the powerband. As a result, an A4 equipped with this engine can do 0-62mph in a mere 8.4 seconds. Interestingly, your fuel economy will not take a hit because this is said to provide 40.1 miles per gallon.

You’ll be able to pick up a turbodiesel-powered A4 in either the sedan (or saloon as they say on the other side of the Atlantic) or Avant wagon, with your choice of standard, SE, and S Line trims. Look for prices to start at £25,270 (~$44,025 USD).

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