Hybrid car battery charges in just 10 minutes

Hybrid car battery charges in just 10 minutes


image_40542_largeimagefile Hybrid car battery charges in just 10 minutesAmerican automotive researchers have come up with a car battery that can charge and discharge in just 10 minutes.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are touting their lithium nickel manganese oxide battery as an alternative to the nickel metal hydride used in current automotive hybrid batteries. And they said that their breakthrough came as the result of an ordered crystalline structure synthesis, which results in a freer flow of ions between metal layers. What all that means is that future hybrids could achieve a charging time that is 10 times faster than current technology.

So picture this, the average american drives 30 miles in one day, if a battery can give you 30 miles per charge, you could very well drive for months without topping up your gas tank, of course if you go on a long trip the battery will be exhausted after 30 miles and your fuel will kick in for the remainder of the trip. But on a daily basis, this could reduce the majority of vehicle emisions by almost 100% and save you a fortune at the pump!

The new lithium battery could also be used for power tools, electric bikes, and even backup for renewable energy sources, the MIT group said. The research will be published in today’s issue of the magazine Science.

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