Affordable Giottiline Ginko with wings

Affordable Giottiline Ginko with wings


image_40536_largeimagefile Affordable Giottiline Ginko with wingsNothing captures attention more than winged doors on a car. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford Lamborghinis or Ferraris. Well, thanks to the Giottoline Ginko, wing doors are available to people with much smaller bank accounts.

The car, which will be unveiled later this month at the Geneva auto show, is a tiny urban runabout with two seats and not much cargo space. It is so small, in fact, that you won’t need a driver’s license to drive it in Europe. It qualifies as a moped and only needs a moped license.

It will be powered by a choice of diesel, electric or gas engines, though none of them will create a lot of power or speed. Safety for the driver is provided by rollbars, which are covered in fiberglass, and structural reinforcements throughout. Since it is so small, I would want it to be as strong as it can be, because you are going to get the worst of any crash.

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