Volkswagen’s little SUV Concept A

Volkswagen’s little SUV Concept A


image_40578_largeimagefile Volkswagen's little SUV Concept AVolkswagen’s first foray into Sport Utility Vehicles came in the form of the Touareg, and it was a huge success for the German automaker. Now the company is looking to capture a sub-segment of the market with a smaller, perhaps more versatile model, currently dubbed the “Concept A”. Designed to compete directly against the Land Rover Freelander and the Toyota RAV4, the Concept A is equipped with VW’s 4Motion four-wheel-drive system and a front grille that “looks like the mirror image of a cheetah,” according to the company.

It seems to be all the rage to eliminate the B-pillar and throw in a pair of suicide doors for the back, the Concept A is doing just that. This creates expansive entrances on each side, much like the Honda Element. It seems the company has decided on what motor to throw under the hood yet, but initial configurations have a 150hp ‘twincharger’ engine with a six-speed gearbox. VW has hinted at the possibility of utilizing the Golf GTi’s 2.0-litre 197hp unit, or the 136hp 2.0 turbodiesel. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the convertible canvas roof, in line with certain Jeep designs.

Look for more details as the Volkswagen Concept A rides into the Geneva Motor Show.

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