Oscar Nominees to get commemorative Motorola phones

Oscar Nominees to get commemorative Motorola phones


image_40630_largeimagefile Oscar Nominees to get commemorative Motorola phonesNominees for the 2006 Academy Awards will again receive special Motorola mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets.

It is the second year of giveaway for Motorola, who presented last year’s nominees with the Black RAZR, which went on sale to the general public. This year, it’s the PEBL, a sleek gun-metal-color design that comes with an H700 Bluetooth headset, powered by RapidConnect technology, and a complimentary three-month subscription to T-Mobile wireless.

The phone allows users to surf the Web and share multimedia files, in addition to the other features that come standard on the PEBL-model phones, including a clamshell design, a dual-hinge mechanism that allows one-handed opening, a mini-USB connector, a distinctive keypad that has curved buttons, an integrated camera, and a voice-recognition system that extends to business applications and MP3s that can be stored on the SIM card.

The commemorative phones will be presented in a custom-made keepsake box that resembles a classic movie theater ticket and is personalized with the name and category of each nominee.

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