MusicGremlin MP3 player goes Wi-Fi

MusicGremlin MP3 player goes Wi-Fi


We caught a glimpse of this device back at CES, but now a bit more information has been released regarding the MusicGremlin music player that instead of grabbing its tunes from your computer, it latches onto Wi-Fi (802.11b, no g, unfortunately) networks and gathers music from music services.

One such service is the “embedded music store” by Musicnet. Download, store and share your favourite songs right through the player. The built-in Wi-Fi manager will automatically scan for hotspots in the area, and connect to the one that’s giving you the strongest signal.

Interestingly, you can also connect your MG-1000, as this player is now known, wirelessly to other MusicGremlin-enabled devices and share your music with all your friends.

You’ll find 8 gigabytes of storage on board this not particularly flashy-looking player, but hey, the concept of integrating Wi-Fi connectivity and downloading into an MP3 player is pretty novel. No word on price or launch date just yet, so we’ll just keep dreaming for now.

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