Camera phones a ‘hit’ at Japanese funerals?

Camera phones a ‘hit’ at Japanese funerals?


Mobile phone photography in Japan just took a sort of morbid turn as more and more Japanese are reported to be using the device to take photos of the deceased.

The rising practice has drawn concern and disgust from some people in the society. They lamented that such an act shows utter disrespect towards the solemnity of the occasion.

The supposed misuse of the technology was evident in one burial. As the coffin was laid out for the mourners to take one last look at the deceased, they took out their cellular phones and began taking photos of the body.

While some view the act as a blatant disrespect towards the deceased, there are others who dismiss the protest and believe that there is nothing wrong with the act. They say that the practice is a necessary consequence of the evolving technology. They add that taking photographs of the dead using mobile phones is a way of keeping and honoring the memory of their relatives and friends who have already passed away.

Toru Takeda’s observation and opinion on the issue may shed light on the alleged impropriety of the act. The social commentator said, “Some can’t grasp reality unless they take a photo and share it with others… It comes from a desire to keep a strong bond with the deceased.”

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