Barablu offers free mobile to mobile calls using VoIP


image_40577_largeimagefile Barablu offers free mobile to mobile calls using VoIPThere is yet another new and exciting development in the world of consumer VoIP, but for once it isn’t Skype that has taken the lead.

Like Skype, Barablu lets users make PC-to-PC calls, but they take it a step further by also offering mobile to mobile calls. Using a compatible GSM phone with Wi-Fi enabled, people can access the VoIP service over a wireless LAN. Calls to other wireless users are then free, but only if they are also Barablu members. Currently, both the Nokia 9500 and i-mate SP5 and SP5m phones are compatible. You just need to download a dialer to your mobile and get registered. You can also make free calls to PCs or anything else you could do with a regular account from your mobile. You can make calls to non-Barablu users as well using the Barablue world account or receive calls from non-users, though there is obviously a fee for both services.

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