Apple hides anti-hacker poem in OS X

Apple hides anti-hacker poem in OS X


Apple Computer has hidden in its new computers a poem that urges hackers not to steal the Operating System.

The Cupertino, Calif., company confirmed the existence of the poem on Wednesday. The poems existence was first reported by the website OSx86 Project, it was found embedded in the company’s OS X.

“We can confirm that this text is built into our products,” Apple has said. “Hopefully it, and many other legal warnings, will remind people that they should not steal Mac OS X.”

Piracy of operating systems is common among hackers. It is much more widespread among Windows hackers, but Apple’s OS X has also been a high-profile target.

Apple’s poem to hackers

“Your karma check for today: There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind, he’d do better to pirate an OS that ran great but found his hardware declined. Please don’t steal Mac OS! Really, that’s way uncool. (C) Apple Computer Inc.”

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