Amazon jumps into online music store and MP3 player business


image_40600_largeimagefile Amazon jumps into online music store and MP3 player businessSeems like everyone and their mother wants in on the PlaysForSure online music store business these days, and online retail giant Amazon is no different. The company is already well-established in realm of selling hard copy CDs, books, DVDs and whatnot, but it now sees a huge opportunity in the world of MP3s. Not only is Amazon in “advanced talks” with four global music companies in setting up a service similar to the iTunes Music Store, but it also wants to market an MP3 player all its own.

Sounds like Apple, doesn’t it? With its own online music store (iTunes), people can load up songs on the propriety music player (iPod). Amazon plans on selling its own digital audio player preloaded with a bunch of content, passing on some sort of discount onto the end user for the Amazon-branded subscription service.

There aren’t very many deets available at this time regarding download fees or the price of the Amazon-branded player, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for now.

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