AHT unveils P2POD HDTV media player

AHT unveils P2POD HDTV media player


image_40627_largeimagefile AHT unveils P2POD HDTV media playerAHT International has just released a revolutionary device that lets users exploit almost all entertainment media and services available on the Internet.

The P2POD operates on a program made by the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Their peer-to-peer method allows content deployment functions. It also permits real time video streaming on peer-to-peer systems. Speed could be improved by adding more P2PODs or P2POD program clients.

The P2POD is a delight for the visually-inclined. The device is capable of broadcasting over a thousand digital TV channels available on the Internet directly to the television and at HDTV grade (1920×1080). Plans are also underway for the creation of a premium service which would offer the latest movies and shows.

Navigating through the control panels of the device is also easy. The user interface allows the user to make selections and adjustments with ease. It also features an automatic channel management and updating system.

The P2POD could also receive and transmit over 6,000 radio Internet broadcasts directly to the stereos.

For those who are looking for specific music, film or show, the virtual audio and video store allows the user to download titles of choice to the AHT box. The user may also download the data directly to his media player through USB 2.0.

Live data and video feeds from one P2POD unit to another are also possible. The device also allows Web browsing through the TV.

Unit price is expected to be below US $150. Its debut is slated on the third quarter of this year.

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