Imaging system links mobile phone to viewscreen

Imaging system links mobile phone to viewscreen


image_40715_largeimagefile Imaging system links mobile phone to viewscreenA new handheld imaging system combines hardware and software in an exciting new way to make conferences (face-to-face or Web-based) increasingly more dynamic.

The system, developed by Project-a-Phone and unveiled on Tuesday at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, enables users to transfer what is on a mobile phone screen onto a computer (and then, by extension, on a video projector or on a Website). In effect, it’s plug-and-play for your mobile phone.

It is a small device that fits easily on any table top. The user places the mobile phone in a special space on the device, plugs it in, and out come the images.

The system has been available in the U.S. for a few weeks, and the company is looking to expand into the European market with the Barcelona launch. If early reviews are any indications, the company might have a hit on its hands.

“For several weeks, we have used Project-a-Phone in group meetings to easily demonstrate our location-based services for cell phones,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of ULocate, a leader in consumer location based services. “This is the only solution I know that is designed specifically for use with cell phones, and it is portable and lightweight enough for me to take it on the road.”

The entire package, including software and carrying case, retails for US$199.

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