Bullguard Anti-Virus for cell phones

Bullguard Anti-Virus for cell phones


image_40684_largeimagefile Bullguard Anti-Virus for cell phonesWith the rise of mobile TV, downloadable ringtones, and a whole slew of 3G content, the potential for viruses on cell phones and other mobile devices is quickly on the rise. In an attempt to nip this threat in the butt, BullGuard is releasing a security program designed for Windows Mobile and Symbian-based handsets.

Regardless of how the data gets into your phone, BullGuard is there to keep an eye on things. Getting something beamed in via infrared or Bluetooth? BullGuard is there. The same goes with Wi-Fi and regular ol’ cellular, as well as SMS and email. Like the antivirus programs available for your home PC, BullGuard comes with one year’s worth of free updates, and what’s more, you can just grab them over-the-air. Presumably, there’s some sort of subscription fee after that one year is up.

If English isn’t your strong suit, worry not because BullGuard Mobile Anti-virus is available in 16 different languages. Look for the Windows Mobile friendly version some time in June.

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