Virgin Mobile going with DAB TV

Virgin Mobile going with DAB TV


image_40742_largeimagefile Virgin Mobile going with DAB TVMore news out of Barcelona, and this time it comes from Virgin Mobile. The company was showing off a funky looking multimedia phone that can do DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) TV. The handset was created by HTC, a company well known for pumping out original designs and high functionality in packages that never carry its branding, and is known as the Trilogy, though that name may by changed by Virgin before launch.

This handy little handset is running on the very popular Windows Mobile 5.0, and shows off all its DAB TV goodness on a large-ish 2.2-inch display. The integrated 1.3 megapixel camera is adequate, and expansion comes in the way of a micro SD slot. You can probably expect all the usual bells and whistles like MP3 playback and whatnot as well.

Give that hard button the side a touch, and you can instantly access all sorts of digital television, though Virgin Mobile hasn’t made any specific mention of what programming they’ll be carrying. Word on the street is that this UK release will be showing Sky and Channel Four.

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