Virgin Mobile, BT Group offer live digital TV and radio in Europe


Virgin Mobile is breaking new ground as it teams up with the BT Group to offer live digital TV and radio broadcasts on its mobile phones in Europe. According to both firms, Virgin is set to sign up for BT Movie to provide the service to its cell phones. The announcement took place at the 3GSM World Congress 2006 (currently being held in Barcelona, Spain) as it unveiled the Trilogy, a new phone that is equipped to receive the planned service.

The new service would enable subscribers to access a vast array of digital television programming and over 350 DAB digital radio stations 24/7.

“Virgin Mobile customers will be the first people in Europe to watch real broadcast TV over their mobile phones,” according to Virgin Mobile Sales and Marketing Director Graeme Hutchinson.

Hutchinson also emphasized that the service is not a download service “its real TV just like you get at home, and its real DAB digital radio – crystal clear sound”.

Virgin anticipates offering the digital TV and radio service on a limited and exclusive basis to consumers starting late 2006.

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