TI OMAP 3 delivers yet again

TI OMAP 3 delivers yet again


image_40790_largeimagefile TI OMAP 3 delivers yet againTexas Instruments has unveiled the OMAP 3 platform at 3GSM World Congress today. The new mobile phone configuration allows for a multitude of features and options to be integrated into a work or entertainment device.

OMAP 3 will be so versatile that it can be used for cameras, gaming devices, portable video and music players, laptops and PDAs. It will also enable the first HD quality player in a mobile phone, allowing for extremely high-quality video playback on a handset. Compared to the OMAP 2 processor, the OMAP 3 delivers 3X more performance than its predecessor.

Samples will be shipped out mid-2006, volume product is expected for early 2007.

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