T9 predictive text finally gets upgrade

T9 predictive text finally gets upgrade


T9 predictive text has been around for a long, long time now and is fairly efficient in making our mobile messaging just that much easier, but it has been long due for an upgrade. Well, it seems like its creator, AOL-owned Tegic, has taken what we know about T9 and gone to the extreme with a new look and attitude. Developed in partnership with Samsung, the new XT9 system is said to have some rather major improvements.

With the proliferation of smartphones, it’s a good thing they’ve added in stylus support. Next-letter prediction is here as well, not to mention “regional error correction” for when you accidentally press the wrong key on those puny QWERTY keyboards that some handsets seem to have. People with fat fingers rejoice!

Though not quite there yet, Tegic hopes to implement speech recognition and Chinese handwriting recognition to its growing portfolio in the very near future.

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