Nimzy Vibro Blaster makes any flat surface a speaker


image_40780_largeimagefile Nimzy Vibro Blaster makes any flat surface a speakerWith the Nimzy Vibro Blaster you can turn any solid flat surface into a table. You just plug it into your laptop, PMP or whatever else, set it on a surface and you are in business. It uses patented electro acoustic technology to transform sonic signals into sonic mechanical vibrations. Those vibrations obviously produce sound, turning your surface into a speaker. It provides a unique alternative to portable speakers or even earphones. It is rated at 15W and has a frequency range of 200 to 10,000Hz.

The Vibro Blaster weighs 445 grams and measures 49 mm x 44 mm, so it is very portable and can work wherever you have a flat surface. It’s made by Digital Info Technology, a company from Singapore, and costs about $85. I have no idea how well this works or what kind of sound quality it produces, but I sure hope it works well because it sounds like a great idea. We won’t know until we can get one, and your guess is as good as mine for if and when it will cross the ocean.

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