Moto W220 is RAZR on a budget

Moto W220 is RAZR on a budget


image_40768_largeimagefile Moto W220 is RAZR on a budgetThe RAZR from Motorola has been out for quite some time now, and it is still as popular as ever. The mobile phone maker is now releasing the W220 clamshell, which mimics the RAZR slimness but doesn’t bring along all those expensive features that can make the RAZR just out of reach to some consumers. The W220 was designed with the goal of “connecting the next billion” handset users.

Like the RAZR, the W220 features a super slim design and an internal antenna. However, there is no external display for caller ID purposes; instead, there is a set of three icons on the outer fascia displaying call status, message status, and battery remaining. There is no mention of MP3 functionality, but you do an FM radio if you feel like bobbing your head to some tunes. Flip it open and find the 128 x 128 color screen.

The standard entry level features are here, like picture messaging and an alarm clock, but don’t look for much else. Because of the anemic feature set, the W220 should be close to free with a contract. Not bad for a pretty sleek looking phone.

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