Dodge Hornet creating quite a buzz

Dodge Hornet creating quite a buzz


image_40719_largeimagefile Dodge Hornet creating quite a buzzThe styling of the new Dodge Hornet might make you think that it’s one of those sport utility vehicles ready to tackle any challenge, but its less-than-huge proportions might convince you otherwise. Top Gear is reporting that it measures in “somewhere between a supermini and a small hatch”, but that’s not to say the interior isn’t roomy, because it is.

These little cars with plenty of utility are proving quite popular these days – with the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and others – even here in North America. The rear suicide doors found on the Hornet, much like on the Honda Element and Mazda RX-8, make for easy entry and a wide-open look. It seems like a B-pillar is so yesterday.

Despite its conservative 1.6-liter engine, this Dodge puts out an impressive 170hp at the crank thanks to a supercharger. Too bad the Hornet is still just a concept, so these pictures are about as close as you’ll get to one for now.

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