3 Volunteers to embed RFID chips under skin

3 Volunteers to embed RFID chips under skin


In the first instance of its kind, three Americans have volunteered to test RFID chips by having them inserted under their skin.

Three people who work at CityWatcher.com, a Cincinnati-based business, are now walking around with radio frequency identification chips inside them. One of those is Sean Darks, the CEO.

“I have one,” Darks said. “I’m not going to ask somebody to do something I wouldn’t do myself. None of my employees are forced to get the chip to keep their job.”

The other two people how have embedded RFID chips say that they weren’t forced to do it and that the chips do nothing more than mimic the functionality of a keycard.

The cards are no larger than a grain of rice and were embedded by a licensed physician, Darks said.

Darks’s company specialized in electronic surveillance and contracts with multiple nearby cities to monitor high-crime areas. The use of the chips is part of the company’s expanding use of available technology to increase its ability to identify its own workers and others who might have access to sensitive material and storage facilities.

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