Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS Wireless Data Card from Option

Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS Wireless Data Card from Option


image_40895_largeimagefile Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS Wireless Data Card from OptionBelgium’s Option N.V. has come out with what it says is the world’s first tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS wireless data card.

The GlobeTrotter GT Max sports the company’s flip-out integrated antenna. The idea behind that design is that the antenna can be inserted into a laptop and then deployed and retracted, allowing access on HSDPA/3G UMTS networks without the hassle of inserting and removing the data card.

The functionality includes adaptability with 850/1900 and 2100 MHZ bands for Tri-band HSDPA/3G UMTS and 850/900/1800 and 1900 bands for quad-band EDGE/GPRS. Connection is fast as well, at speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps for tri-band and up to 247 kbps for quad-band. The card works with many third-party applications, although the company would like you to buy its related products as well.

Option CEO Jan Callewaert was very excited in making the data card announcement. “The unique design of our GT MAX with its patented flip-out antenna is a remarkable engineering achievement, as is its ability to provide broadband wireless access across the globe from North & South America, through Europe, the Middle East & Africa, across to the Far East and Australasian continents,” he said.

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