New transmission could dramatically improve mileage


image_40854_largeimagefile New transmission could dramatically improve mileageLaird Gogins, an 82 year old inventor from Salt Lake City, believes that he has created the ultimate transmission. It took 35 years of experimenting, but his Infinity Transmission runs smooth and is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than current models. It would, Gogins asserts, improve the mileage of cars between 20 and 30 mpg. The technology is universal. It could go beyond cars to motorcycles, helicopters and even blenders. There are 23 patents currently pending on the invention.

Unlike current transmissions, Gogins’ invention doesn’t need a torque converter with coolant, a radiator and hoses. That is where transmissions lose power and efficiency. Instaed, the Infinity has two cams 180 degrees across from each other on the input shaft. The first pair of cams provides engine drive and drives the output shaft while the second pair of cams provide load drive and drives the engine for engine braking. Theoretically, the transmission will have an infinite number of gear ratios.

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