Microsoft unveils plan to take on BlackBerry


Just what Research in Motion needs – another challenge. Microsoft has announced that they have aggressively elevated the competition in the mobile messaging business. Major providers will be supporting a new generation of phones which use the latest Windows Mobile technology. Vodafone, Cingular Wireless, Orange and T-Mobile will support the technology and will provide software updates to existing users. Hewlett Packard and three other makers will unveil smartphones at 3GSM in Barcelona that will run the e-mail technology out of the box.

The groundwork for this technology was laid with Microsoft’s October update to Exchange. The big advantage Microsoft has over the BlackBerry and other systems is that messages can be directly pushed from the same server that companies use to handle regular messaging. There is no need for the separate mobile server and additional licenses that are needed for other mobile messaging solutions. Microsoft sees tremendous growth potential as decreasing costs and improving technology will see mobile messaging spread further and further down the corporate ladder.

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