Nokia GPS module improves mobile navigation

image_40927_largeimagefile Nokia GPS module improves mobile navigationNokia has expanded the reach of location based services with the GPS Module LD-3W, a handset accessory that works with many of the company’s own Bluetooth devices.

The result is a much improved position and destination finder without accompanying heavy equipment. For example, a consumer who has a handset connected to the LD-3W is able to determine his or her precise location with up to five meters accuracy. Also available is a digital map showing the path from current location to destination. This is a greater improvement over its predecessor, the LD-1W.

“Location based services, such as navigation and point-of-interest search for hotels and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular with consumers,” says Aage Snorgaard, Nokia’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Phones.

The LD-3W will be demonstrated at the 3GSM World Congress next week and will begin to sold in just a few weeks.

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