Magellan releases eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle

Magellan releases eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle


image_40902_largeimagefile Magellan releases eXplorist 210 Outdoor BundleYou might want to get lost with the eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle.

Magellan’s eXplorist GPS receiver has a rugged, but stylish design that goes well with your hiking shoes. Its sturdy casing enables it to absorb blows or impacts without causing damage to the unit. It is also water resistant, making it a handy ‘rain or shine’ outdoor device.

This great outdoor activity companion now comes in a bundled version. Aside from the receiver, the eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle includes the MapSend Topo 3D USA program, a USB connector, a cigarette lighter adapter, and a clip case.

The Topo program is very handy when going around unfamiliar areas. It provides a map of different locations, including street maps. Points of interests could also be checked through the software.

It is the only one in its price class to have a massive 22MB memory. This allows large quantities of maps to be stored in the unit. Connectivity is via a high-speed USB, allowing fast downloading of maps and other data.

The eXplorist’s 2.3” grayscale screen makes map viewing very convenient. Positioning is at an accurate 3 meters.

Magellan’s latest offering is priced at US $299. The Outdoor Bundle is set to be made available to the public by April.

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