Light Blue Optics develops projector for portables

Light Blue Optics develops projector for portables


image_40929_largeimagefile Light Blue Optics develops projector for portablesBig things really do come in small packages.

LCD size may soon become irrelevant as Light Blue Optics develops a projection system that fits into your pocket. The company utilized PVPro technology in coming up with the 62cc unit. This new innovation enables it to be integrated into a wide variety of small devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, laptops, and video iPods.

This most recent innovation of Light Blue Optics is called “micro mini”. It exhibits the third generation line of PVPro technology.

The ability to project large images from small devices was made possible by computer-generated holograms (CGH). Video projectors developed under this technology are more dynamic than standard ones. CGH innovation also utilizes very few parts, making the consolidation of the projection system into portable devices very easy. Surprisingly, as the CGH gets smaller, the projected image becomes larger. The integration would also have no considerable effect in unit cost since the peripherals needed to assemble the system cost little.

Light Blue Optics also developed a chip that enables the production and presentation of extremely vivid holograms with speeds comparable to video frames.

Price and availability are not yet available. However, one could take a look at its capabilities and functions at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. The summit would start on February 13, and end on the 16th.

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