SmartShopper makes sure you don’t forget the eggs

SmartShopper makes sure you don’t forget the eggs


image_40965_largeimagefile SmartShopper makes sure you don’t forget the eggsWhen your significant other hands you the grocery list, sometimes it can get so hard to make out the chicken scratch and last minute additions. SmartShopper Inc. has come up with a solution to this problem with an automated device complete with voice recognition, so there is no confusion whether you’re supposed to get bread crumbs or bed sheets.

An automated grocery shopping list is constructed from your voice commands, thanks to the embedded VoCon 3200 voice recognition technology. If you want to take the reasonably sized gadget along with you, the LCD will show what you need, but if you prefer the more standard piece of paper, the SmartShopper device has a built-in thermal printer as well. Everything you need is pre-installed, complete with a list of about 2000 grocery items.

Above and beyond the supermarket, an additional feature is what co-founder and executive VP Greg Vittard calls the ‘errand list’, wherein you can state short tasks like “bank, car wash, post office, dry cleaners and many others.”

Expect a launch sometime this fall.

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