Cornice to Unveil 8-10GB Micro Drive for Mobile Phones

Cornice to Unveil 8-10GB Micro Drive for Mobile Phones


Cornice will take the wraps off what it says is the world’s smallest high-capacity mobile phone hard drive in Barcelona next week. The Longmont, Colo., company announced that, among other things, it will showcase its new Dragon Series HDD, which comes in varieties of 8 or 10 GB, cuts power consumption by up to 50 percent, and has the company’s patented Crash Guard system, to protect against sudden blows.

The aim is to provide as much ease and speed in high-definition download as possible. The company already has a presence in several of the industry’s leading areas, including MP3 players, personal video recorders, GPS devices, and portable storage products.

“We are beginning to see a trend towards consumers readily downloading personal content onto their handheld devices,” said Camillo Martino, president and chief executive officer at Cornice. “This content is quickly changing from just MP3 files and ringtones to pictures, video, personal data files, and movies.”

Cornice will also make its debut inside the Samsung i300 Mobile Smartphone.

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