Have a ball with Elecom’s iPod speakers

Have a ball with Elecom’s iPod speakers


image_41108_largeimagefile Have a ball with Elecom’s iPod speakersI don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all those generic-looking rectangular speaker systems for the iPod. Elecom of Japan already launched a set of round speakers last year in a rainbow of colours, but nothing that matched up with everyone’s favourite music player. Not anymore! The little two-inch ball can now be had “in iPod nano color model exactly of 2 colors!” (I love Babelfish). In other words, you can have a set of either glossy white or glossy black speakers.

Open up the PSP-CS500 series gadget, and discover the two halves are the two speakers. Stored inside is the cable to connect to your iPod nano (or any other audio player, I suppose). Don’t expect the sound to fill a concert hall, however, as this set puts out a measly 2 x 2 watts of juice. But the plus side is that it doesn’t require its own power source and simply drains your iPod.

If you want the PSP-CS500, you’ll have to order one from Japan. The 162 gram speaker set sells for an uber-cheap 2,520 Yen ($21 USD).

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