Bentley goes topless with Continental GTC

Bentley goes topless with Continental GTC


image_41104_largeimagefile Bentley goes topless with Continental GTCVolkswagen-owned Bentley is known for its super elite status and understated sophistication. The latest edition to the British car maker’s lineup is the Continental GTC convertible, a beautiful classy roadster that can hit speeds in excess of 190mph. The only other production convertibles capable of that level of performance are the Ferrari Superamerica and the F430 Spider.

Look inside and find a whole lot of leather and wood trim. As with its coupe sibling, the convertible Continental will certainly have gobs of power, but this was never designed to be a true race car. Rather, it’s meant to be the picture of elegance… as it flies past you on the Autobahn.

Although far from being a bargain basement vehicle, the Bentley Continental GTC can be had for significantly less than the super high end Ferraris and Lamborghinis out there. When it hits the road this fall, look for the price tag on this droptop to be higher than the coupe version — as can only be expected — but still south of the $200,000 mark.

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