An F1 for the road


image_41138_largeimagefile An F1 for the roadWhat do two engineers do once they quit working for McLaren? Make their own street legal F1 cars, of course. The Freestream T1 is an ultra high performance 2-seater that will hit the streets later this year. Carbon fiber construction makes it incredibly light (1,025 pounds) and highly resolved aerodynamics and chassis make it safe, or at least as safe as a car can be at 200 miles per hour. A 2.4L V8 supercharged engine offers 500bhp at 10,500 rpm. It’ll go 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds and pass 100 mph in under 5 seconds. That’s acceleration that you can’t get in many street legal vehicles. It has 3g cornering and braking so that it can handle the speeds it can push.

The first prototype of the T1 is almost ready. Freestream will only make 25 of the vehicles per year, so owning one will be very prestigious. The price matches the prestige. Each of the British made vehicles will cost about $265,000.

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