Dell runs for cover, iPod delivers final blow

Dell runs for cover, iPod delivers final blow


image_41222_largeimagefile Dell runs for cover, iPod delivers final blowLike a beating from Muhammad Ali to Joe Frazier, the iPod just keeps pounding everything that gets in its way. The latest competitor to concede defeat in the MP3 player game is computer behemoth Dell. Their three hard drive sporting Digital Jukebox models disappeared from their website in December and the company has acknowledged that they have been discontinued. The move comes about after Dell failed to take any significant market share away from Apple, despite the infrastructure and huge client base that Dell has.

Though Dell is no longer selling their HDD players, which cost between $200 and $300 depending on features, they aren’t getting out of players entirely. They will still be selling their $99 Ditty model, which uses Flash memory for storage.

Dell is just the latest to get out of the way of Apple. The iPod accounted for 69% of all players sold in the first 11 months of last year. In the U.S., Apple has sold more than 32 million units in the last four quarters.

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