Archos has a record year

Archos has a record year


image_41206_largeimagefile Archos has a record yearArchos has a lot to be proud of. According to the company’s press release, sales for 2005 exceeded projections by 77%. More specifically, they raked in 103.1 million Euros last year, compared to 58.3 million in 2004. The fourth quarter was particularly impressive, possibly due in part to the holiday rush, with 48.1 million Euros in sales. That is an 83% increase from the year prior.

The manufacturer makes some great portable media players that seem to be particularly popular in China. The greatest growth was experienced in Asia, over 200% in fact, but the bulk of Archos’ business is still in Europe (68% of consolidated sales). In the United States, Archos helped improve its presence with the EchoStar deal, as well as contracts with Walmart, Best Buy Canada, Target and Circuit City.

The company’s flagship product for 2005 was the AV 500, offering direct TV recording, a 4″ color screen, and up to 100GB of storage space.

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