Pentax releases limited edition waterproof cam for Valentine’s Day


image_41325_largeimagefile Pentax releases limited edition waterproof cam for Valentine’s DayIf you thought getting a $100 bouquet of flowers and whole whack of chocolate was enough, Pentax has a bit of a rebuttal for you. In honour of (or cashing in on, depending on your perspective) Valentine’s Day, Pentax is releasing the OptioWpi waterproof digital camera in his and hers colours: red and blue. For other occasions, you can go ahead and get the readily available silver version of the snapshot-taker as well.

The 6.0 megapixel sensor will ensure that your special someone can capture all their favourite pictures in some more-than-decent quality, but just to make sure they framed it just right, you can preview and review the shots on the 2.0-inch LCD monitor. Zoom in close with the 3x optical lens, and quickly keep it in focus with the 9-point Autofocus feature. You can’t exactly go deep sea diving, but some snorkelling action might be on the agenda as the Pentax OptioWpi can be submerged up to five feet underwater. While you’re above water, the Class 5 dustproof rating ain’t too shabby either.

The limited edition blue and red Pentax OptioWpi is exclusively available from Throw a $349.95 (+tax) bill onto your Amex, but you gotta get that order in before February 7th if you want to get it in time for that intimate dinner on the 14th.

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