Pilot pen first with USB storage

Pilot pen first with USB storage


image_41355_largeimagefile Pilot pen first with USB storageNew notes stored in a tried and tested note-taking device is the latest innovation from the people over at Pilot. Two things have become an absolute must in any office, one of which has been around for the longest time – a ball point pen – and the other is a more recent office supply necessity –a USB flash drive.

Don’t expect a heck of a lot of storage space in this pen, however, as it seems the only version available weighs in at a mere 128MB. But hey, if all you’re doing to throwing Word docs and Excel spreadsheets around, 128MB should do you just fine. Transfer speeds will be pretty quick with the USB 2.0 connectivity, but older computers can look elsewhere, because this will only work with XP/2000-based systems.

You can take your choice of blue, black, or red ink to go with your new thumb drive-embedded ballpoint pen. This should be available now, so go ahead and grab one for $63. Just don’t lose the cap.

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