Parkmate will take care of parallel parking for you


image_41393_largeimagefile Parkmate will take care of parallel parking for youI will go to great lengths to avoid parallel parking. I can do it but it causes me stress. Siemens VDO is working on a solution that will make parallel parking a breeze. Parkmate is a complete parking aid. It starts from the very beginning – it even looks for parking spaces for you. When it finds a spot it lets out a beep to let you know that it is in charge. It figures out the geometry and steers and moves the car into the space and will even go up onto the curb if it has to. You just have to sit there and enjoy the ride. Field testing has shown that there are still kinks to be worked out, but Siemens hopes to have the product on the market by 2008.

Siemens has other vehicle enhancements products in development, such as a blind spot warning system and cruise control that reacts to other cars on the road. None of these technologies are unique to Siemens, but they are only appearing in high end new cars, so these solutions will be available for car owners to install in their own vehicles.

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