‘Flying Windmill aims to produce abundant, cheap electricity

‘Flying Windmill aims to produce abundant, cheap electricity


image_41421_largeimagefile 'Flying Windmill aims to produce abundant, cheap electricityImagining new energy technologies has become a way of life for some people. Among those are the folks at Sky WindPower, a California company that has as one of its slogans “We Don’t Need Oil!”

The enterprising brains at Sky WindPower have come up with a new technology that they say boasts huge production of electricity at a minimal cost. The Flying Electric Generator will use one of the world’s most natural and prevalent resources—wind, to produce electricity at a stunning rate. Initial tests on a mass scale have convinced researchers that their product will be able to make electricity at a life cycle cost of less than two cents per kilowatt hour.

The FEGs, as they are called, have been termed “Flying Windmills.” The idea is that a fleet of them would hover at altitudes approaching 15,000 feet and will transmit power via a thin tether to generators below. To the charge that such tethers will interfere with airplane travel, Sky WindPower officials point to the existing fleet of balloons already in the sky as part of the country’s anti-drug program.

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