Digital cameras see impending DOOM

Digital cameras see impending DOOM


There’s a handful of PMPs out there already that have integrated gaming capabilities, but I would have never expected the mating of digital picture-taking with world of shotguns, monsters, and rocket launchers. Thanks to some guy that has a little too much time on his hands, you can now upload a version of DOOM, one of the pioneers in the first-person shooter genre, onto any Digita OS camera.

You might be wondering about control options? Well, the guy that ported DOOM also mapped a number of game keys to match up with your favourite digicam, like those made by Minolta, for example. All you need to do is throw a commercial or shareware WAD file onto a CF card, install the necessary software, and you’re thrown into the action handguns blazing.

Unfortunately, if you have a Kodak DC220, you’re out of luck. But if you have any other Digita OS camera, you can go ahead and download DOOM here.

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