Department of Justice doesn’t want BlackBerry to go away


The U.S. Department of Justice is doing their best to make sure that BlackBerry users don’t lose their service because of legal problems. Okay, they are looking out for themselves, but it could also benefit you. They have filed a brief with Judge Spencer, the man at the middle of the RIM-NTP legal battle, asking that government agencies be exempt from the potential shutdown of BlackBerry service. There are an estimated 200,000 BlackBerry users in 138 departments. The DOJ even touched the magic button and said that the shutdown could affect national security.

How could this benefit you? Well, they argue that it would be very difficult to filter out government users and maintain only their service. As such they put forth suggestions on how to continue their service. Suggestions included delaying a potential shutdown or to allow existing service to continue while halting sales of new BlackBerry devices. Another hope for desperate BlackBerry users is that the DOJ pressure will add to other pressure that Judge Spencer is surely feeling and cause his stance to soften as the February 24 deadline comes closer.

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