Paperless printing? ‘Quantum Dots’ say yes

Paperless printing? ‘Quantum Dots’ say yes


image_41494_largeimagefile Paperless printing? 'Quantum Dots' say yesIt’s not often that modern technologies from differing spheres coalesce into a great idea that crosses boundaries. But that is the case with Solar Ink, a supremely innovative new technology from Inovalight.

One part quantum physics, one part solar energy, and three parts imaginative thinking, this process uses “quantum dots” that can be printed using existing print-paper technology. It’s all based on a solvent-based silicon nanomaterial platform, which allows for ultimate flexibility in the tiniest of packages.

How does it work? Well, the company claims that it can control the size of the dots and, therefore, control what part of the light spectrum gets captured by those dots. Sizes range from 2 to 10 nanometers. Want a shirt that is infrared? It’s possible, using Solar Ink. How about a PDA that sparkles in ultraviolet? It’s also possible, again using Solar Ink. Now, you using your naked eye would see those two products in different color terms; but put on special glasses, and away you go!

The result is a paper-saving process that promises printing excitement and functionality, all at a size previously unpondered.

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