Next X Prize could fuel huge advances in car design

The X Prize did so much to advance the personal space travel field that the founders are excited to advance the concept into different fields, including car design. The X Prize Foundation, founded by Peter Diamandis, offered $10 million to the first group who could make back-to-back flights to the edge of space. It was claimed in 2004 after intense competition from several groups. The next prize, which was first revealed in late January, will offer several million dollars to the first group that can decode the DNA of 100 or more people in less than a week.

Other prizes are in development as well. Given the advances made as a result of the pursuit of the space prize, the possibilities for a potential automobile prize are staggering. It’s in development right now and details are unknown until the prize is announced, but it will focus on advances in fuel efficiency and manufacturing. “Why do we still drive cars that use an internal combustion engine and only get 30 miles per gallon? I think that we’ll see some amazing achievements in this area,” said Diamandis.

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