Warner Bros. to launch P2P network in Germany


Warner Brothers is going to start offering their content for download directly to consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To do so they will be embracing the technology that their whole industry has been fighting vehemently – a peer-to-peer network.

The new service will be called In2Movies and it will start in March. Users will pay to access the network and then will be able to download selected films and TV programs from the Warner Bros. library. Don’t worry, though, because the O.C. will be available. Warner Brothers will have their own servers which you can access as well as other users’ computers. It will be some legal P2P traffic beside the mass of illegal downloads always going on. Experts estimate that up to 60% of the total bandwidth of the internet is used by P2P traffic. The German market is a logical one for Warner to cut their teeth on, since the people of Germany legally downloaded 11.9 million movies in the first half of 2005.

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