Volvo gives sneak peek of the all-new S80

image_41567_largeimagefile Volvo gives sneak peek of the all-new S80If you’re like me, you think of Volvos as the boxy, indestructible cars that your friend’s socialist parents drive. That may have been true once, but it sure isn’t now. The new S80, which will be unveiled in Geneva next month, further changes our perceptions. It’s a sleek looking sedan packed with ‘Scandanavian Luxury’ that won’t struggle to get a jump off the line. You can choose between two engines: the same Yamaha-sourced V8 with 311 hp that we saw in the XC90 SUV or a new 3.2 liter inline six with 232 hp. The V8 has four catalytic converters and advanced electronics, making it one of the cleanest V8’s available.

The optional Four-C active chassis automatically adjusts to match the driving conditions of the day and optional all-wheel drive will further help you keep it in control on sketchy days. To further the safety of the S80 the car is packed with impressive features. For example, it is the first Volvo to come with adaptive cruise control which maintains a standard distance between the cars in front of and behind you.

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