Teca creates new concept vehicle


image_41665_largeimagefile Teca creates new concept vehicleSome people still like to drive giant SUVs, but increasingly people are looking for vehicles that are friendlier on the wallet at the gas pump and a little nicer to the environment. Teca may have taken that desire to the extreme with their new concept vehicle. Though the specific details are scant, it looks like they have taken a motor bike and enclosed it in a nifty, aerodynamic shell. They claim that the aerodynamic design gives performance improvements of 35% (over what we aren’t sure) and saves fuel, too.

First, the positives. It is going to be very easy to park. They claim that the shell has been specially designed to protect the driver in an accident, which is a step up over a regular motorcycle. Also, this design is much friendlier to the driver in the rain or snow. There are, though, some problems that make me wonder. First, as has been pointed out, it’s not clear what happens when you have to stop at a light. It doesn’t look like you can stick your foot down. That could be a problem. It also makes it hard to drive a friend around or carry any luggage or even a package or school supplies. I’m not sold on the concept yet, at least not until I learn more.

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