T-Mobile tops for customer service


For the third consecutive year, T-Mobile has ranked highest in customer care performance among the five largest American wireless providers according to a survey by J.D. Power and Associates. They performed well in all categories measured, especially contact channels of customer service representatives and walk-in retail experience. Alltel and Verizon Wireless tied for second and, though they were well behind T-Mobile, they both registered well above the industry average. Cingular and Sprint Nextel tied for the last position, both below the average industry standard.

The survey also reached other, more general conclusions. 52% of customers contacted customer service at their carrier this year, down from 54% last year. Of those, 71% used the telephone to make contact. 25% more visited the carrier’s retail store. Only 4% used e-mail or internet contacts. Once users made contact they were on hold for an average of 3.57 minutes, a jump of a few seconds from last year. Four in ten users contact customer service for a billing issue, half of which are billing errors. Another third of the calls are concerning call quality.

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