MBridge, WiFi-enabled portable media player

MBridge, WiFi-enabled portable media player


image_41568_largeimagefile MBridge, WiFi-enabled portable media playerUnicon System’s MBridge has just expanded the concept and use of a media player.

Though handheld devices such as mobile phones are already capable of performing wireless and multimedia tasks, these functions are usually limited. MBridge provides a solution to the problem by integrating functions of several handheld devices.

Text, audio, video, and image files can be stored or transferred to the unit. Media files can also be viewed or edited through the device. These features eliminate the need of uploading or downloading files from the PC just to be able to alter or edit them.

Another advantage that the MBridge has over other handheld media players is its ability to access the Internet. Getting online via Wi-Fi, users are able to immediately upload files to their blog or web sites.

Instant messaging is also very convenient in the MBridge. It can run multiple messengers without having too many windows for each application. The device simply consolidates these messengers.

Music purchases over the Internet are also be possible through the MBridge. The device’s ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi enables it to download music from online stores.

The media player has a 3.5-inch TFT color display. It has two USB ports and an internal SD card expansion port. The unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion 1200 ma/h battery.

MBridge is not yet out in the market but Unicon Systems is taking pre-orders now. It is expected to be available in October 2006 for $159.99 USD per unit.

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