Fuel cell motorcycle unveiled in Tokyo


image_41572_largeimagefile Fuel cell motorcycle unveiled in TokyoIf you’re itching to own a fuel cell vehicle, you might not have to wait as long as you thought or spend as much as you expected. As long as you don’t mind riding a motorcycle, that is. British company Intelligent Design has unveiled the ENV, a hydrogen powered motorcycle, at the Tokyo Fuel Cell Expo this week. It looks a bit futuristic and not necessarily in a good way, but you wouldn’t buy this thing for looks. You would buy it because you love the environment and you like the fact that the ENV is completely silent when it runs. You’d also buy it because you like the fact that the fuel cell can be removed and taken into the house to power your computer, TV or granola maker.

If you are sold on the ENV and want one of your own you still have an 18 month wait ahead of you. When they are available, though, it should cost you less than $10,000.

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