Ford has ringtones for Mustang fans


Ford has released two new ringtones that will make hardcore Mustang fans very happy and will give the friends of those fans something to make fun of. The more straightforward of the two is the sound of the Mustang’s exhaust as it is being revved through the gears. You get to hear and enjoy the sound of a couple of ounces of rubber being left behind on the pavement, too.

The second ringtone is wildly patriotic. Or at least it is supposed to be. It advertises itself as the Star Spangled Banner played by the exhaust of a Mustang, but I heard the preview and it takes more imagination than I have to hear what you are supposed to hear. Or rather, I think I can hear it, I just wouldn’t want to. Of course, I’m not the diehard Mustang fan that this is aimed at. If you are and you have a phone on AT&T, Cingular, Sprint PCS or T-Mobile, you can head over to and download them for free. While you’re at it you can pick up some free Mustang wallpaper, too.

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